Jan 11 2017

Caring For Aging Relatives

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Immunizations are not only for children. There are some protections from the childhood vaccines that might wear off with time. People are also susceptible to vaccine-preventable diseases because of their jobs, lifestyle, age, health conditions and travel. When it comes to elderly care, Elderly Care Solutions is of the view that all the elderly people require proper immunizations. This can help them in avoiding all kinds of serious diseases. They can easily prevent diseases that can take a toll on their health resulting in exorbitant medical bills and missed work.

As per advice that comes from Elderly Care Solutions, there are different vaccines that are important for the elderly. All the elderly people require a seasonal influenza or flu vaccine. This vaccine is of great importance for the older adults suffering from serious health conditions. Health professionals representing the company say that it is also important for the elderly to get Tdap vaccine if they have not received it as an adult. The vaccine offers great protection against pertussis or whooping cough. Getting a Td or diphtheria and tetanus shot every ten years is also very important for the elderly.

It is National Immunization Awareness Month meaning this is the right time for getting immunizations for the elderly. Elderly care is not only about caring for the health conditions of an elderly but it is also about taking care of proper vaccinations. Senior citizens are prone to different diseases and this is the time for you to ensure that your senior citizens at home are protected against all types of disease.

Vaccinations for shingles and chicken pox are necessary for the elderly. It goes special for all those senior citizens who have just received the first dose of shingles and chicken pox vaccine as a child. Elderly Care Solutions lays great stress on the point that all the adults and young members of the family should proactively try to protect the senior citizens by helping them in getting vaccinated. This is because shingles and chicken pox are diseases that can have dangerous consequences. It is necessary for the seniors to get vaccines that particularly target chicken pox and shingles. This is because these diseases are common in people who are above 50.

Another important vaccine that makes elderly care easy is the pneumococcal vaccine. This is because pneumonia is one of the most common causes of deaths among elderly. Having had a vaccine for pneumonia as a child does not mean that an elderly is not eligible for another shot. The ones who smoke or the ones who have lung problems can face some major complications if they suffer from pneumonia. Therefore, prevention should be made the key by getting the right vaccine for pneumonia.

There are other vaccinations that are also important when it comes to elderly care. Seniors who are quite old and the ones who suffer from medical conditions might be susceptible to various diseases. These diseases include Hepatitis A and B, Meningitis, Mumps, Rubella and Measles. Proper vaccines for all these diseases also need to be given to the elderly.