Aug 28 2015

Is Marijuana Healthy ?

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Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal or recreational drug /medicine in the world. A global survey was conducted and the results showed that at least a hundred million people admitted to trying cannabis at least once in their life while 25 million have admitted to smoking it in the last year alone. In the United States 42% of the population have admitted to trying cannabis one time.

Seeing that this is the most popular recreational an illegal drug to ingest and that the majority of acquaintances and friends alike of the people polled currently use cannabis in some form or they would if their job allowed it, I am sure that the real number of marijuana users around the world is more than 100 million who smoke weed, I mean come on, it’s pot! Although it is accepted legally as a medicine in over half of the United states, the majority of employers do not allow the use of it period.

Cannabis Sativa is mostly illegal but is considered a medicine by many all over the world, so how can one receive the benefits of this wondrous plant? Well some states like the state of Washington, marijuana is legal and available for retail and recreational use by anyone who is over the age of 21 and that has valid ID while other states like Arizona, bud, edibles, wax oils, vapes ans more are available for medicinal use. More than 22 US states have made cannabis medicinal and available for medical use, while other states like Colorado, Oregon, Washington State, Alaska and Washington DC it is allowed for recreational and personal use.

Each and every day in America it is estimated that 6000 new people try Mary Jane for the first time, so it is no wonder that the legal status of the plant is changing. With new, young voters being interested in the legalization of the plant and all the new state tax revenue that is generated from the massive influx of retail marijuana sales, the politicians can’t help to notice the trend and are starting to change their vote as well. Take a look at a Recreational Marijuana Store Tacoma for example, their growth over a short period of time has increased dramatically with an ever increasing range of available products for legal sale to anyone who is 21 and over with a valid ID. It is no wonder that Highway 7 has become the Best Cannabis Dispensary Tacoma.

This is a major change in the tide of the way that the United States of America’s government looks at the use consumption of this plant. California was the first state to ban marijuana over a century ago while the 1st arrest for marijuana possession and selling was in Denver on October 2nd 1937. The first American law to be drafted about hemp was in the in 1617 requiring farmers to grow it. Once they harvested it, it was used for clothing, sails and rope making it extremely useful in that day in age.

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