Nov 23 2015

Pre Employment Health Screening Requirements

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Of the various employment staffing requirements, few cause as much commotion as the pre-employment health screening requirements that many companies are known to impose.

Health is a priority for most employers, and for good reason. The safety of a given business’ workforce can have a drastic impact on its productivity levels, this not taking into account the potential for legal complexities arising from accidents in the workplace and the considerable expenses they can attract.

Common Pre-Employment Health Screening Requirements

Different industries have different employment staffing needs. The elements and attributes essential for an individual attempting to enter the health care arena will probably vary from the requirements imposed upon a teacher trying to find a place in the education industry.

Health screening requirements are no different, most countries today boasting a wide variety of regulations designed to govern the health screening requirements of various industries, some of those more common health screening requirements including the following:

Physical Health

pre-hiring-eye-examEvery employer expects his or her employees to be physically fit and appropriately healthy for the tasks they are expected to execute. As such, most employees are typically expected to under physical examinations to ensure that they are indeed healthy to partake in the tasks for which they will be paid.

While some employers simply require potential employees to visit general medical practitioners, others are often specific about the doctors or clinics they expect job candidates to visit for their physical examinations. IN some cases, the physician’s final report could determine whether an individual is hired or not. This is especially true when it comes to health care.


While hardly the most prominent of health screening requirements, it is not unheard of for employers to present immunization as a barrier for individuals seeking employment. Persons attempting to find work in health and human service fields can expect to encounter such considerations, seeing as their tasks might expose them to communicable diseases.


drug-screen-kit-for-hireDrug tests are common in almost all fields of employment. While some areas merely frown at the idea of drug use, for most industries, drug use is a disqualifying factor for any individuals seeking employment. A failure to pass a drug test might mean the end of one’s career in their chosen area of employment.

Along with the rising prominence of mental health requirements, pre-employment health screenings have become a familiar sight in most businesses. And considering the expenses they sometimes have to incur, companies do not pursue such employment staffing requirements out of whimsy, some reasons that might drive a business to enact pre-employment health screenings including the following:

  • For one thing, an employer must ensure that an applicant is appropriately fit and healthy to perform the duties and meet the responsibilities of the job for which they are applying.
  • IN situations where the applicant is disabled, it might be within the employer’s ability to make adjustments that might allow the applicant to perform his role, but only if they are aware of the disability in question.
  • Health screenings allow employers to avoid the costs of attracted by absentee workers and the resulting loss of productivity.

Along with determining insurance entitlements, health screenings allow companies to avoid unnecessary risks to the health and safety of applicants and any legal complications that might arise as a result.

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